Travel show in México with Kjelles.

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Swiss National Television.

Swiss Broadcasting news. Phoenix Arizona supreme court of justices rulling on SB1070.

La Corte suprema americana boccia il giro di vite sull'immigrazione clandestina Buona parte della legislazione dell'Arizona, che imponeva un giro di vite contro I'immgrazione clandestina, é stata invalidata dall'Alta Corte degli Stati Uniti. Una vittoria per le associazioni dei diritti umani, e nuova polemica su un tema particolarmente sentito negli Stati che confinano con el Messsico,a meno di cinque mesi dalle elezioni presidenziali. 

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Machine Gun Stand a Hit with Christmas Card Crowds. A machine-gun toting Santa is a big hit with Christmas revelers this year at a gun club in Scottsdale, Arizona. Dozens came to have their picture snapped with Santa Claus, surrounded by presents and various heavy duty firearms.

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Jacob Meders is an artist and member of the Mechoopda Indian Tribe of Chico Rancheria, California. Known for using bird imagery and native symbols, he likes to blend traditional Native American techniques with modern influences. Meders said he was always creating works as a kid, and it didn't even occur to him to do it for a living until he was in his 20s. Now, he sees art as a way to engage people of all cultures, and teach others about his native culture. He overcame dyslexia that initially kept him from going to college and received his master's degree in printmaking from Arizona State University. He lives in Phoenix with his wife. His work has shown in exhibits around the world, from Argentina to Estonia..

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For generations, the Navajo have gone to war for the United States. Joining the military is a tradition among this Native group, with code talkers serving a historic and important role in World War II. The latest Navajo generation is no exception, with many young men and women volunteering to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan; now among the many returning from years of service. But unlike their fellow men and women in service, they face unique challenges in building new lives. Navajo veteran Kyle Mitchell talks about about the struggles of dealing with post traumatic syndrome on the remote Navajo reservation. A special thanks to Ralphina Hernandez, a Navajo filmmaker who is producing a documentary on the struggles of Navajo veterans titled The Rabbits Foot.

Shoot, edit, produce by Jorge Melchor.

I worked as a fixer for the Discovery Channel in Mexico City for the program  "Out of Egypt." I did all the local production work: research, location identification, permissions and interviews. I also served as translator and arranged all the logistics, including transportation, hotels and food. 

Each special begins in Egypt, where she asks a question  that launches her on a quest around the world, As Kara interviews experts and visits sacred sites, she expertly crafts linkages between the social and religious practices of these ancient cultures. In future OUT OF EGYPT specials, Kara looks at beliefs that built and destroyed civilizations, she traces the origins of the Devil and literally descends into the underworld of ancient burial practices.