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Researcher and communicator for The Detroit Free Press.

The Detroit Free Press sent me and photographer Romain Blanquart to Mexico City in early 2007 on a challenging assignment: Trace an outbreak of a deadly synthetic narcotic called fentanyl to its source. Authorities in the U.S. and Mexico had tagged a small laboratory in Lerma as the site of much, if not all, of the fentanyl that killed hundreds of Americans from fall 2005 through 2006. With Jorge’s skills, we were able to locate the laboratory, conduct interviews and take photos. We even got an interview with the man charged criminally with creating the drug in this makeshift lab. These were no small feats, and Jorge’s communication skills and experience as a journalist helped us tremendously. Aside from smoothly negotiating Mexico City traffic, Jorge kept Mexican police at bay when they contemplated barring us from doing our jobs. He also translated capably for us. He was able to put us in touch with many people, from regular Joe’s on the street to officials in government buildings, including contact with Mexico’s federal prosecutor’s office. We spent about five days in Mexico, and Jorge was with us during virtually all waking hours. We couldn’t get rid of the guy. I’d definitely use him again. – Jim Schaefer, staff writer, Detroit Free Press, 313-223-4542, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.